Super PonGoal Shoot Goal Premier Football Games

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How To Play: Super PonGoal Shoot Goal Premier Football Games

using mouse

About Super PonGoal Shoot Goal Premier Football Games

Shoot Goal is a quick and simple football shooting game. You have to score as many goals as possible by aiming and shooting soccer balls into the net. The objective of this game is very simple but it's not that easy. There are many players out there who are trying to stop you from reaching your goal. Use your skills, speed and accuracy to overcome all the challenges in this fast-paced game! Features - Simple gameplay - Easy to start - One touch controls - Fantastic graphics Keep in mind that we're still in the early phases of development for Shoot Goal so expect some bugs and graphical glitches. If you enjoy this game, please share it with others so that we can make

You are a young and talented footballer who's looking to make your name. You have one last chance to impress the scouts and earn yourself a contract with a football club. The best way to do that? Be the PONGAL SHOOT GOAL! This is the most addictive and fun Football game on the web! Shoot the ball into the opposing goal and don’t let it bounce away or they will score! Use your mouse to aim and shoot, but make sure you release it just right so it doesn’t go into your opponent’s net. Have Fun!

Get the ball through the goal and save the money! This is a fun way to spend your time. You can get one of these soccer goals in many different sizes and designs. If you are looking for some target practice or just want to get a feel for how it's done, then this game is perfect for you.