Hoop World

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How To Play: Hoop World

using mouse

About Hoop World

This is the first game in a new category called Hoop World. It’s an absolutely mind-blowing take on basketball that stars you as aleague player trying to assist your team in scoring points by jumping, shooting and dribbling around angry basketballs. Unlike most other hoop games out there, Hoop World only has two variations: Regular and Spectacular. The regular version plays like any other typical hoops game, with faster and more agile players trying to score the most points while being careful not to let the other team get too many field goals. Spectacular mode adds crazy obstacles and special powers such as walls of spikes or invisible walls that try to keep you from getting points. Read on for our review of this brilliant new basketball

BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK! The greatest sport game ever created is back with an all-new, intense version that will have you playing for hours on end. The most intense and skill-based block bash game ever is here. That’s right – Hoop World Basketball 2 is back and better than the first! Get ready to fight your way through a crazy,Careers Mode-packed world of basketball as you battle through 48 levels of ultimate hoops action in this fun, athletic new take on the classic. Use skills, speed, power and more to defeat your competition and become the next star basketball

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