Basketball 2D

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How To Play: Basketball 2D

Using Mouse

About Basketball 2D

The best basketball players in the world are in college right now, watching and learning from the best. Baskets. The sweet, silky ball with a circumference so large it can be scored with a single finger. Its cubic surface—each dribble strikes it with such velocity that the ball smacks into your forehead like a flying saucer—makes it the most desirable possession in any room, including yours. This is what makes college basketball so great: You get to experience life as an NCAA Division I scholarship athlete for a day. You see it all: post-season tournaments; regional and national games; exhibitions against McDonald’s All-Stars; and practices against top high school competition. You get to follow along from behind the scenes at some of the most prestigious programs in America, including Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State and North Carolina. But you don’t just watch college basketball; you become part of it. And that’s exactly what this job search will be like if you make it past your first interview and onto an NBA

You might think that if you’re a good basketball player, you can practice shooting hoops all you want. After all, who couldn’t use some help on their shot? Well, the truth is, your shooting skills are no joke. In fact, despite what you may have heard, a solid NBA jump shot is as important as any other skill for any player to have in the game. A great shooting percentage combined with an accurate and consistent three-point shot is what separates the men from the boys on the basketball court. Have a look at these top-notch jump shooters in NBA history and see if they turn you into one of

The National Basketball Association is the premier men's basketball league in the world. It features the top college and NBA players in the world; including LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and many more. With so many great players and teams competing for a limited number of playoff spots, every game is important. The game has changed significantly over the past few decades.