Retro Bowl

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How To Play: Retro Bowl

Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad

Select - LMB

About Retro Bowl

This is a version developed specifically for web browsers, you can freely enjoy the game anywhere. You can play the web version at retro bowl

In Retro Bowl, you will dip into a glorious retro-style football game space and can do anything you want to lead your dream football team to the championship. Are you ready to dominate one of the most popular sports games in 2021?

Why is Retro Bowl so popular?

Based on a retro football game Tecmo Bowl, Retro Bowl owns simple mechanics but can fascinate you at the first time. It skyrocketed to the number one downloaded app on Apple's App Store in late 2021.

Most of the players said that the main attraction of the football game is the ability to take control of any player and lead the team to victory. You can comfortably give passes, trips, possession, and push, and can switch any team you want. You can even edit the name, jersey, or location of every player!

One more thing: The salary cap in the Retro Bowl game is a maximum of $200 million! Can you become that talented football team manager?

How do you play Retro Bowl?

In Retro Bowl, you will be required to buy players and increase your rating. The control is so classic: press arrows to move and use space to perform a given action. Let’s expand your roster, take care of your press duties to keep your team and fans happy.

Believe me, you will certainly not be bored with Retro Bowl. There are endless ways to customize your team and strategy that will ensure the game will never get repetitive.

Next, I will show you some tips and tricks to help you rule the game.

Tips and tricks

There are many ways to build your squad and tactics. But the most effective is still a squad with high flexibility, players always love an agile delivery system, so speed players are always the top priorities that players look for.

Be smart in the transfer market, you need to know what you need, to build a squad that fits the set strategy. Become familiar with the positions on the field, and the strengths that position needs to bring out the best in your tactical scheme.


The Offense positions

Attack will prioritize speed, you will need to choose many high-speed players to gain the upper hand in scoring attacks.

  1. Center (C): Center (server) (1 person)
  2. Offensive Guard (OG): Midfielder (2 men)
  3. Offensive Tackle (OT): Outfield midfielder (2 men)
  4. Quarterback (QB): Main midfielder (1 person)
  5. Half Back/Running Back (HB/RB): Midfielder running (1-2 people)
  6. Full Back/Set Back (FB/H-Back): Running defender (1 person)
  7. Wide Receiver (WR): Striker to catch the ball (2-4 people)
The Defense positions

Defensive positions will need players with outstanding endurance and physical strength, pay attention to players with high strength and stamina

  1. Defensive End (DE): Tail Defensive Midfielder (2 men)
  2. Defensive/Nose Tackle (DT/NT): Block/nose Defensive Midfielder. (1-2 people)
  3. Outside Linebacker (OLB): Outer Defensive Midfielder (1-2)
  4. Inside Linebacker/Middle Linebacker (ILB/MLB): Inner defensive midfielder (1-2 men)
  5. Cornerback (CB): Corner Defender
  6. Safety (S): Deep Defender
The Special team: 
  1. Long Snapper (LS): Server
  2. Punter (P): Long shot player
  3. Placekicker (K): Scorer
  4. Holder (H): Holder of the ball (usually a Substitute Midfielder or Long Striker)
  5. Gunner: Sweeping midfielder
  6. Upback: Midfielder blocks
  7. Return Specialist (RS): The one who returns the ball


Retro Bowl can be played on your PC and on the web using your mobile phone and tablet.

- You can play it online and offline.

- In this sport game, you will play both on offense and not on defense.

Are you ready to pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize?

Let's play and get the championship!