Keeper of the Grove

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How To Play: Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of the Grove is an initially Tower Defense Flash game released in 2012, and now converted to HTML5 to stay usable regardless of the Adobe Flash gamer shutdown. Furthermore, thanks to this conversion, the game is currently additionally playable on mobile devices!
You might spend lengthy hours attempting to pass the levels, due to the fact that indeed, the problem of this game is actually high! So patience and approach will certainly need to exist!

To play, use your mouse to place and also boost your defenses. Thoroughly examine the surface before positioning your towers as well as locate the optimum defense for each and every point on the course.
The objective is straightforward: protect against monsters from taking your prize, composed of priceless rocks.
A word of advice, take a look at the Guide, which will enable you to obtain a specific expertise of your protectors, but also of your enemies. And also don't fail to remember: a well-upgraded tower will certainly do more damages than a couple of un-upgraded towers!

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