Battle Soccer Arena

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How To Play: Battle Soccer Arena

SPACE BAR to kick/slide ARROWS to move

About Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena is a funny soccer game that can make you excited and get an addiction for the first time. Let's enter the green battlefield now and beat all your opponents!


Why is Battle Soccer Arena so fun?

When stepping into this online game, you will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere as well as the world of vivid and beautiful graphics. I'm very sure that you will have a wonderful experience in Battle Soccer Arena. 

Besides, this incredible arcade soccer game features 12 soccer teams. There is detailed information about each team and you can consider your favorite team based on its power kick, speed, slide, and recovery.

What's more, you will feel excited with 2 game modes including Normal Soccer and Explosive Soccer. The Explosive mode is the same as the Normal one but with bombs. The bombs can freeze you, can give you ultra speed (in other words, they can boost your energy), or damage your character. Is that so interesting, right?


How do you play the Battle Soccer Arena?

To start, you will choose your favorite national team. In Battle Soccer Arena, you can play with your friends or against the CPU in a three-on-three football game between nations of your choice. 

When time runs out, the team that has more scores is the winner, so your key goal is to score as many as possible to win the match. 

You can comfortably adjust your playing style as your need is. Neither one of the sides has a goalkeeper, so boom your creation and enjoy this soccer game. 

Now, you can think this game is so simple and easy to play. But don't let it fool you. It's also challenging and can let you down anytime you whenever you neglect. 

Next, I will show you some tips and tricks to help you dominate this funny online game.

Some tips and tricks to rule the Battle Soccer Arena game

- Consider carefully your soccer team in terms of power kick, speed, slide, and recovery to make a decision to choose your best.

-  When you get the ball, try to lead it too close to the goal and shoot to score. 

- If the opposing team has the ball and they are trying to score, make sure you protect your goal to stop the opposing team from scoring. Remember that you do not have a goalkeeper.


Are you ready to win the soccer championship? Choose your team and have fun!

More Information


- A three on three football match-up

- There a no goalkeeper

- You can play with your companions or against the central processor

- Two modes are Normal Soccer and Explosive Soccer

- Awesome ball physics

- Choose from 12 different teams

- Real-life and vibrant sound

- This game is easy to learn but hard to master


Battle Soccer Arena was developed by magnificstudios


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