Return Man Football

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How To Play: Return Man Football

Use the mouse or touch on the screen

About Return Man Football

Return Man Football is a simple-interface American football game but interesting enough to make you play for hours. Let's come and see if you can bring yourself to the NFL! I promise that you will feel like a professional football player in this online game.

How do you play the Return Man Football game?

In Return Man Football, your task is to control the ball and bring it to the other side of the field. Meanwhile, you also need to manage to earn as many points as possible. Be quick and careful because the players of the enemy team will try to intercept the ball. 

As soon as you slip past them, you will win and pass the level. The goal is the score points by moving the ball from the starting place to the Touchdown line on the green zone.

At the beginning of this game, in the main menu window, you will select between ten unique teams by clicking the Play button. There are Atlant, Red Devil, Blue Crow, and many others.

Next, some tips and tricks you should consider to rule the Return Man Football game.


Some tips and tricks to dominate Return Man Football

- Try and trick the oncoming defenders into leaving holes in their defensive line which you can then expose. 

- You should play with a strategy and a game plan. Having a good strategy is the big key, as, without one, you'll struggle to break down the defensive shape.

- When selecting the team you want to play against, remember it should be the team you are good enough to handle.

- You can also try to hold the ball and attract the defenders into a corner, which can make space for your evasive run. 

- You should run the length of the field with the ball while avoiding the defensive players. 


The simple interface enables fans of all ages to play and have a go. Best of luck and enjoy the thrill experience of being an NFL player!


More information


- This HTML5-based game works on mobile devices and PC/Mac browsers. 

- If you are a mobile user, click 'OK' on the pop-up, and the game should work fine.

Who developed Return Man Football?

The Return Man Football game is created by Webgameapp.


- Charge up to unlock cool rugby balls in the store 

- Challenging situations

- Responsive design 

- Fast-paced sports theme

- Testing circumstances

- Eye-catching and simple interface

- Suitable for all ages


Web browser, Android, iOS