Horse Racing 2D

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How To Play: Horse Racing 2D

Touch on Screen or use mouse/ arrow keys

About Horse Racing 2D

Welcome to Horse Racing 2D - a funny horse racing game that helps you relax and be happy. Are you ready to become a great horse racer? Pick your favorite steed and be ready... GO!

How do you play Horse Racing 2D?

I am quite sure that you are ready to become a jokey and prepare to get the first prize. The rule in Horse Racing 2D is simple and easy to play: you choose a horse and then start the race. The horse you choose will have certain physical characteristics. After that, you and your rivals on horseback will find yourself on the starting line.

Your task in Horse Racing 2D is to overtake all your rivals and finish first. When running, you should notice the special bar at the left bottom, which will be filled, to know the fatigue of your horse. As soon as the bar is completely full, press the special control key in order to accelerate the horse's run and increase its speed.

You do not need too many skills to win the race. But remember to notice the bar that indicates the horse's energy, otherwise, you will immediately fall behind.

Next, you should note some tips and tricks to dominate this horse racing game.

Some tips and tricks to rule the Horse Racing game

- Consider when choosing your horse

- Use stamina wisely to get the victory

- Look at the screen carefully, especially the bar responsible for the fatigue of your horse


Horse Racing 2D is a casual but still interesting and relaxing sports game. A plus point when playing this game is that you will be able to racehorses at many races with different attractive landscapes, day and night.

Take part in the exciting race competition and win the victory! Best of luck!



This online game is suitable for kids of all ages and adults. You can easily play it on any device. If you play on your PC, use the mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard. On mobiles or tablets, just touch on the screens.


More information


- Various and beautiful sceneries of the racecourses

- Available on HTML5

- Safe for kids and adults

- Play House Racing 2D on your computer with mouse or arrow keys

- Play on the touch screen by tapping or swiping

- Funny music background with the sound of horses neighing



House Racing 2D was developed by Magnific Studios.


Release Date

October 2021


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