Flick Rugby

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How To Play: Flick Rugby

Tap & Swipe Up to flick rugby ball

Use mouse or touch on the screen

About Flick Rugby

Flick Rugby is an American football game, where you can become a professional placekicker. How many consecutively accurate kicks can you make? Come and prove your talent! You may be surprised that this simple game can make you addicted.


How do you play Flick Rugby?

The Flick Rugby game does not have a complicated rule but demands your mousing skills. It will a mouse skill game you won't forget any day soon. 

Ok, now I will show you the rule of this online game. As a placekicker in an American football team, your task is to kick the rugby ball into the goal line, having to make it go between the two bars in order to win. It's that basic and simple. 

Maybe when you're just starting out, you won't get used to using your mouse to kick the ball into the goal spot. It can make you lose in the first playtime but don't worry, I am sure that you can quickly come back and get the scores. 

In general, this football game is easy to play. You will feel the excitement in the cheers of the crowd and the explosive rock music. That sounds great, right?


Some tricks and tips to play the Flick Rugby game

- In this rugby game, you should notice the wind's speed and direction, it can deflect your ball. The wind is displayed by an arrow symbol on the right screen, next to the rugby ball's place.   The number in km/h will tell you how much wind is pushing against your ball.

- Remember to do 2 steps Tap & Swipe up to flick the rugby ball. Otherwise, the ball will not move or deviate from your desired direction.


Remember: If you miss too many times, you've got to start again. Missing 3 times will end the game. And if you manage to hit the target icon, you are going to get even more points in return.


Show us how many consecutively accurate kicks you can make. Flick to kick the rugby ball into the goal post and get the victory!


More Information

Who created Fick Rugby?

MarketJS created the Flick Rugby game.


Responsive design

Simple and eye-catching graphics

Various levels comprising different challenging situations

World championship rugby leagues

Charge up to unlock cool rugby balls in the store

Fast-paced sports theme

Exciting rock music background


Web browser, Android, iOS